Impromptu Event Registration
Rootes Group Car Club Queensland INC.

    This application to be filled in by Rootes Group Car Club QLD INC. members intending to use their SIV registered vehicle for each impromptu run or event e.g. family outings, picnics, outings involving one or more vehicles.

    You MUST complete all sections, Press SUBMIT and this will register the event on the Rootes Group Car Club QLD INC. website and a copy of this registration form will be emailed to the email address entered on this form for use by member as proof of registration of the event either to be printed or on a mobile phone or electronic device.

    For more information on the Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme, please visit

    I declare that I am a current financial member of the RGCCQ and will adhere to TMR guidelines.
    I agree to the above statement.