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Club Membership

    Membership fees are: $5 initial joining fee, then $3.75 pcm for each remaining month of
    the year (eg. $5 + $18.75 if you're joining in August). Then $45 per year is due January.

    From time to time your name, general area, or photos of your car etc. may appear in the club magazine, or on club run web pages etc. Do you give permission for this to occur ?

    The following questions about your car will help us to accurately identify details about it, and to update any national registers that exist for that marque or model. Please fill out whatever fields you can, or forward the information when it's available. If you have more than one Rootes vehicle please include the details for others overleaf.

    What is the condition of your car ?
    OriginalRestoredModifiedAwaiting RestorationIn UseStored

    If applicable, please list any special tools, access to any specialised facilities, or expertise and skills that you may be able to offer to the club or its members?

    By default the club magazine is sent in full colour via email to save on costs. We understand that some people prefer to receive a printed hard copy though (black and white). Please indicate here if you would prefer a printed copy rather than email.
    I prefer a printed newsletter via mail

    By applying for membership you undertake to abide by the rules of the Club.

    To arrange payment please contact the club membership registrar Neville Kennard.